About The Dixie Eglinton Animal Clinic

The Canadian Veterinarian's Oath
Being admitted into the profession of veterinary medicine, and possessing an unyielding sense of honour, I solemnly swear to my colleagues and to society, that I will use my scientific knowledge and skills for the protection of animal health and welfare, the relief of animal suffering, the promotion of public health and the advancement of veterinary and medical knowledge.

I will practice my profession conscientiously and with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.
I will strive, as a lifelong obligation, to continue to improve my professional knowledge and competence and to maintain the highest moral standards for myself and the profession.

Our Mission Statement
We at Dixie Eglinton Animal Clinic treat our clients, the public, veterinary colleagues and our staff with courtesy, respect and professionalism. We will uphold and advance the honour and dignity of the profession and its high standards of ethical conduct.

We will engage in lifelong learning to maintain and improve our professional knowledge, skills and judgment so that we can provide the highest quality of medical and surgical care to our patients. We will encourage open and honest communication with our clients enabling them to make informed, educated and responsible decisions regarding the health and well-being of their pets.

We recognize the significance of the relationship between humans and animals, called human-animal bond. We proud to be a bond-centered practice and our goal is to provide the very best veterinary care and service to support all aspects of the human-animal bond, recognizing that both then needs of animal patients and human clients must be addressed simultaneously.

As long as we as a team strive to exceed our clients' expectations, our goal is achieved.
By honouring the Veterinarian's Oath and our mission statement we will work hard to provide the compassionate veterinary care that will enable you and your pets to share as many quality years together as possible.